Meet the Band

Brian Tarr

Lead Vocals / Guitar

Marc Bona

Jimmy Bezreh
Lead Guitar

Adam Barker

Like a good whiskey, Jones Creek blends tastes and tones from it’s member’s diverse origins. The Creek smacks you right in the face with a dirty, outlaw-style southern rock but then sneaks in the smoother sensibilities of country when you least expect it.

It all started in early 2017, 30 miles north of Boston in a magical land called Gloucester. The band formed when song writer Brian Tarr (lead vocals, guitar) teamed up with Marc Bona (bass, backing vocals) and Adam Barker (drums) and started toying around with their soon-to-be “no-nonsense” style rock sound. The only thing missing was a hint of danger — enter Jimmy Bez. That very October they added their final member, Jimmy Bezreh (lead guitar) to complete the band’s comprehensive badassery.

We dare you to hate it, but we encourage you to just let the Jones Creek wash over you. Best enjoyed around bonfires on the beach, as the first song you crank as you screech out of the work parking lot, or (our favorite) with the crack team of weirdos we’re all spending our lives with, friends and family.